Non-stitched minimalist line of “everyday accessories”

Taiwanese and London-based designer Chieh Ting Huang conceived Nothing Fancy, a non-stitched minimalist line of “everyday accessories”. The idea was to create utilitarian objects with the minimal amount of materials, simplifying them to their basic functions. Requiring no stitching, each piece of the line is created from a single piece of leather “origami” folded and a custom elastic band.  No clasps, snaps or any other fittings so the use of minimal material also reduces the accessories thickness.

Still in the prototype phase, the line offers an iPhone holder, a passport holder, a wallet and a coin purse. You can sign up to get notified once the line will be available for sale.

The wallet with cash and credit card compartments


The iPhone holder with a slit on the back to slide travel or credit cards.

The coins case: an origami folded single piece of leather

The passport holder with a a boarding pass folded pocket



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