Spa jeans are in the air

The brand Wrangler has introduced a “Denim Spa” line of skinny jeans, that claim to moisturize and even fight cellulite. Last year, Mohicano, a chilean brand, launch a similar pair of jeans called “denim therapy” with the aim to fight cellulite. The Wrangler “cosmetotextiles” jeans come in three finishes: Aloe Vera, Olive Extract and Smooth Legs, which aims to prevent cellulite. Hydrating and soothing ingredients used include rose hip oil, retinol, caffeine, apricot kernel oil monoi de Tahiti and shea butter. They are infused onto the jeans fabric, before being dried in an oven. 

How does it work?

Since the skinny jeans are cut tight, the close contact between fabric and skin bursts open the microcapsules containing the active extracts. The effects of the ingredients should last up to two weeks and should resist at six to eight washes. After that? Reload sprays will also be available to buy to respritzed the jeans (wich is not a bad thing since a pair will come for about $136). Is it work for this price? Well, according to the Telegraph, the Smooth Legs style was clinically tested by France’s Institut Adriant, by 160 women. 69 percent of them reported the appearance of their thighs had improved after wearing the outfit for four weeks in row… eight hours a day, five days a week! Lotion should still have a bright future! 

Wrangler denim Spa line hits starting January 28th.

Photos: Wrangler


  1. Cellulite is a real obsession for many women. Too bad… I’m skeptical with this kind of products, but the pair of jeans design seems not too bad on this model (that should not have any kind of cellulite pb though!)


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