Lüme is a wearable tech collection (actually absolutely wearable!) which integrates illuminated embellishments elements customizable and controlled from a smartphone via a dedicated app.

The garment color changes depending on the event, location, mood, or even just to match another garment or accessory

The color of the illumination can be changed and the garments also can respond to sound, if the user wants to select this option within the phone application. According to the designers, Elizabeth and Luis Fraguada“The initial objective for the collection was to create a series of garments that could adapt to the users daily life, changing in color depending on the event, location, mood, or even just to match another garment or accessory”. 

A true blend of fashion and technology

The design and engineering of the collection is focused on the integration of electronics in such a way that they could be easily removed or embedded when desired, thus creating pieces that are easy to wash and care for.  The laser cut piece within each garment can also be customized, to another pattern (other than damask pattern), such as polka dots, flowers, lines, etc.  The entire mini collection when the electronics are not utilized, are simple black everyday garments, giving the wearer multi-use garments, for multiple looks.



Lüme won the Jury Prize in the Aesthetic Category at the 17th International Symposium on Wearable Computers


Photography:  Oscar Carmona

Via: Gizmag


This post is also available in: French


  1. I absolutely love this collection, especially the key hole dress. Finally we’ll be able to see “wearable” wearable tech!

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