Nude organza, bakelite, dresses made with the Parisian embroiderer Lesage, Walter Steiger stilettos and sandals … Julien Fournié has developed for this collection a new conscience of his style genes.


 Photo: Paru ce matin dans l'édition papier de Fashion Daily News


Julien Founrie HCS13 preview


Julien Fournié Fashion Shows will be held today:

– One Fashion Show dedicated to Press, in the Official Fashion Week Calendar : today at 16H30.

– One Fashion Show (same show), not mentioned in the official calendar: today at 17H30.

Same location for both shows: Cité de l’Architecture, 11 avenue Albert de Mun Paris 16eme.


Stay tuned here to see Live the show of the Couturier :


Julien Fournié


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  1. C’est tres beau. Comme toujours avec monsieur Julien Fournie. Pardon my french 🙂
    I can’t wait for the next collection. Thank you fashionlab for sharing JF amazing work.

    Leticia Nugent


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