How a 3D CAD software helps one of the world finest watchmaker to innovate 

Watchmaker Frank Muller (Geneva, Switzerland) is well known to focus exclusively on mechanical watches with complications. If the whe watchmaking industry and particularly the fine watchmaking segment is still bound by tradition and consequently not very open to innovation, especially in terms of design, Franck Muller is thinking differently for the best of the industry.

Innovative spirit, perfect technique and tradition

By pushing the barriers of watchmaking even further with an innovative spirit and perfect technique, the Franck Muller engineering team designed the most complex and expensive watches with thousands of tiny moving parts using SolidWorks 3D software while fully respecting the Swiss watchmaking tradition.


Nicholas Rudaz, Franck Muller Group director of operations explains: “Watchmaking is both a science and an art, requiring the contributions of designers and engineers, craftsmen and artisans. We came to realize that continuing along a path of ever-advancing complication—while maintaining the beautiful aesthetics for which we are known—would require increasing levels of automation, simulation, and control. In short, we understood that we needed to leverage computer-based development technologies to continue to push the complexity of our designs.”

In this movie, you’ll see how the SolidWorks 3D technologies enabled Franck Muller’s teams to bring new innovations to an old world craft.


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