Designed by Ignacio Garcia, this incredibly 80’s inspired pair of foldable 3D-printed sneaker called the SNEAKERBOT II, is, according to Garcia, the “perfect balance of support and comfort” (even though it doesn’t appear to be the most breathable sneaker ever…).

This pair of sneakers made by RECREUS is 3D-printed and flexible enough to fold up into a pocket.

The super malleable material used to build the shoes is extremely flexible thanks to a combination of plant-based PLA and an elastic filament developed by Recreus named FILAFLEX, think out to retain its springiness even after being melted and extruded through a 3D printer.
The Sneakerbot shoe design, is free to download, courtesy of Recreus and the designer.

recreus-filaflex-sneaker-3 recreus-filaflex-sneaker-5

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  1. The way we will consume and ‘shop’ is changing radically. That’s the reality of our futur.
    I wish I had a makerbot at home!


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