Singapore Fashion Week 2013 is held from October 9th to October 19th at the beautiful Marina Bay Sands in Singapore


Wednesday 9 October /FEATURED SHOWS
7:30pm Pierre Balmain Convention Hall F
9:00pm Bread & Butter Convention Hall F

Thursday 10 October /FEATURED SHOWS
6:00pm Porsche Design Convention Hall F
7:30pm Anne Fontaine Convention Hall F

Friday 11 October /MENS
6:00pm Fashion Weeks Showcase Convention Hall F
7:30pm MCM Convention Hall F

Saturday 12 October /MENS
4:30pm Burkman Bros Convention Hall F
6:00pm Uomo Collezioni Convention Hall F
7:30pm Surrender Convention Hall F
9:00pm Songzio Convention Hall F

Sunday 13 October /JAPANESE COUTURE
6:00pm Junko Koshino Convention Hall F
7:00pm Japan Creative Centre Presents Convention Hall F
7:30pm Yoshiki Hishinuma Convention Hall F
9:00pm Keita Maruyama Convention Hall F

Monday 14 October /ASIAN COUTURE
6:30pm Asian Couture Federation Installation Cocktail Convention Hall F
7:30pm Asian Couture Federation Gala Dinner Convention Hall F
9:30pm Stephane Rolland Convention Hall F

Tuesday 15 October /ASIAN COUTURE
6:00pm Lie Sang Bong Convention Hall F
7:30pm Sebastian Gunawan Convention Hall F
9:00pm Yumi Katsura Convention Hall F

Wednesday 16 October /ASIAN COUTURE
6:00pm Michael Cinco Convention Hall F
7:30pm Vatit Itthi Convention Hall F
9:00pm Guo Pei Convention Hall F

Thursday 17 October /FRENCH COUTURE
3:30pm Atelier Chardon Savard Fashion Workshop and Presentation Convention Hall F
6:00pm Alexis Mabille Convention Hall F
7:30pm On Aura Tout Vu Convention Hall F
9:00pm Julien Fournié Convention Hall F

Friday 18 October /WOMENS
6:00pm Moiselle Convention Hall F
7:30pm Germain Convention Hall F
9:00pm Ari Dein Convention Hall F

Saturday 19 October /WOMENS
7:30pm Frederick Lee Convention Hall F
9:00pm Julien Fournié for Love, Bonito Convention Hall F
10:30pm Closing Party Convention Hall F 

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