The Three FashionLab Incubation Projects

By Jérôme Bergeret, Director of FashionLab at Dassault Systèmes

  1. Trend gathering
  2. Store experience
  3. 3D holistic design solutions for fashion
    • Footwear
    • Apparel
    • Leather goods
    • Accessories (jewels, watches, glasses)

Trend Gathering

What is it?

Tomorrow moodboard could be created directly virtually!

Trend gathering will be a powerful new solution/experience that will help any designer to manage everything concerning trends, before he starts to structure his collection: how to leverage his assets, how to collect, manage and take advantage of information found on the web for example.  Trend Gathering will combine the technology from search engine (Exalead), Social Network (3D SwYm) and Dynamic/Instant follow-up of the activity on the net (Netvibes )

  • From ideation of what’s new to moodboard of a new season, collection
  • Manage growing unstructured web information in easy way (Gather)
  • Dematerialized the physical moodboard to make it digital and shareable (facebook like)

We all know how it could be difficult to make an efficient search. Trends gathering will help to stay connected all the time, to manage the volume of information and to structure the first approach of a new collection.   The main goal here, is to capture the physical mood board and put it digital by collecting and dematerializing all the physical element usually pinned on a physical board (Piece of string, picture from magazine, raw fabric, color samples…).

Once the right information collected, Trend gathering will help to manage and to structure it in a collection trends electronic book sharable electronically internally or better with a panel of expert and or Consumer directly.

The main output is all the set of information that need to be used as formal input to structured a new season, collection as part of PLM solution (Product Lifecycle Management) ENOVIA.

Gather trends: Search Based Engine Gather Trends from Internal & External (Web unstructured content)

Trend Book: e -Trends Book & inspiration mash up

Mood Board: Digital mood board build & shared

Season Asset: Season started with knowledge trends



Store Experience

What is it?

It will help to define the perfect store strategy.

Store experience will be an application that will cover all the steps of a store creation: from 2D Blue print (architect drawing) to the 3D store representation to physical store strategy implementation. Once your store, showroom, corner etc. created in 3D, you will be able, still in 3D, to design new furniture for your store, manage its fitting out and organize it with goods. You will be able to simulate it to offer the best future experience for the consumer.

With Store experience, you will be able to send your virtual store to a store manager. Better, from a sampled representative store it will be possible to replicate the new setup of your initial store to other ones, while keeping all the local constrains in mind (like a different architecture for exemple). Finally you will be able to measure and analyze the daily P.O.S (Point of Sales) result, to refine and/or check if you apply the most perfect store strategy!



3D Holistic Design Solutions for Fashion

What is it?

3D Holistic Design Solutions for Fashion will be the way to introduce the 3D assets at the most early moment in your professional routine. This new concept is a revolution and a door opener for the fashion world.

This multidimensional project will allow, among others, the development of 3D avatars. 3D avatars can help designers in their creative process, but could be used directly by any person interested in fashion or wearing clothes… that’s mean everyone! Soon any consumer will have the opportunity to have “a virtual twin”, an avatar, made at its exact measurements. It will be a revolution, as an example, for online shopping experience.

3D Holistic Design Solutions for Fashion will also be an “helper” to design garments directly in 3D, from the very beginning of a creation process to its end.

Before, sketching was all about paper and pen. You started with the front of a garment, then the back. Now, you will be able to create the complete garment directly on a screen in fully 3D. For the first moment a designer will think about a silhouette, he will see exactly what he will do in 3D. With 3D Holistic Design Solutions for Fashion, a designer will manage his creations in multiple manners. He will be able to change the style, the color, the type of fabric, to check how it drapes, make some sourcing tests, obtain the cost to design or the design to cost etc.

Any designer will be able to draft new design intent, sketch his collection, design his model in 3D and try infinite changes virtually and choose the best modifications prior to make it real.

Designers will have the possibility to create directly in 3D and will be able to spread the 3D process to the entire product development. 3D Holistic Design Solutions for Fashion will be sharable with all internal departments (marketing, sales, panel of consumer…) and will become the key 3D Garment Asset that will open thousand of new possibilities for consumers, in stores, or on the web.


This post is also available in: French


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