This Japanese conceptual Vending Machine was developed by Sanden, a large manufacturer of vending machines, in conjunction with Okaya Electronics and Intel. It uses Facial Recognition to make recommendations based on stereotypes.

The machine Can Recognize Whether Customers are Male or Female, or Old or Young

Customers can simultaneously see merchandises through the window as they can see HD text, pictures and animations on the display.  

The machine features a vertical transparent 65″ HD display and a facial recognition software, the Intel SandyBridge Core. It features AIM, Audience Impression Metric, and can do anonymous face recognition. In concrete terms, the machine can recognize whether customers are male or female, or old or young and can shows advertising content to match the customers demographic or make recommendations based on those characteristics.

The Next-Generation Vending Machine 

In the demo, conceptors suggest that the vending machine could be used to purchase luxury items, such as cosmetics… and maybe jewelry or well sized clothes, pre-selected by the machine, based on your physical features.

“I think this machine could be used in lots of ways, depending on customers’ imagination.” Mayumi Moribayashi from Okaya Electronics says,  “It has a great many possibilities, so we’d like to get ideas from everyone, rather than just using it as a regular vending machine.”

Via : Dvice

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