Picture: Reuters – Victoria’s Secret

This week it was revealed in the international press that Victoria’s Secret is in talks with Tamicare, a Manchester (UK) based firm, that could make 10 million of 3D printed panties per year for the American lingerie leader brand.

3D Printing: A real alternative to knitted textiles?

Tamicare developed a new technology named Cosyflex™. Cosyflex is a non-woven fabric, that combines natural elastomer and cotton fibres. It is made using an unconventional 3D printing technology which deposits layers of material to build up the fabric/product. Properties claimed for Cosyflex based products are:  all-direction elasticity; leak proof; breathable (microporous); soft and comfortable; dyeable; can be made into any pattern; natural; made from sustainable resources; uses only purified natural latex; are fully biodegradable.

How the 3D PANTIES PRINTER works?

A spray nozzle creates layers of rubber-latex polymers and cotton fibres on a defined “pants” pattern. In less than three seconds, the layers build a pair of underpants. The  fully automated process and can produce up to 10 million pairs of the underpants/year.

Read more here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2509284/Victorias-Secret-talks-Tamicare-Cosyflex-3D-print-underwear.html#ixzz2lIXAl34Atamicare_3Dpanties


Picture: Tamicare


  1. In no time everyone will have a 3D printer at home and will be able to print their own clothes accessories and equipment…?

  2. Yes Patrick. And we’ll all be walking about like David Bowie in his best days…!

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