A brand new technology that combines the outstanding natural features of cork with those of high performance fabrics

After the textile made of wood chips, a new soft-shell textile material based on cork convinced the jury of international experts and won one of the ten OutDoor Industry Gold Awards for a particularly outstanding product in the Material Innovation category. The new  technology named Corkshell  is from Swiss fabric and technology specialists Schoeller Textil AG.

A material that combines natural cork granulate and fabric

Corkshell is made from an FSC-certified cork granulate the same you can found in wine corks. The completely natural granulated cork is pulverized and combined with the fabric. The whole process is patented from Schoeller

Two corkshell options are available for now. The first one features a single layer fabric construction with a cork coating on the inside of the fabric. , The other one is a 3-layer fabric construction where the cork coating is sandwiched in a highly breathable lining and stretch, water and wind repellent surface fabric. The product can be adapted to the requirements of weather conditions. Since cork has natural stretch properties, corkshell can be offered in both 2-way and 4-way stretch qualities.

Perfect thermal insulation

The innovative Swiss company succeeded in combining the outstanding natural features of cork with those of high performance fabrics as the new corkshell technology is certainly the warmest soft-shell ever. Schoeller spokesman says: “Corkshell thus offers a level of thermal insulation never seen before while also providing high breathability. It incorporates the positive properties of natural cork without negatively affecting other functional features. In addition, corkshell is bluesign approved and therefore complies with the world’s strictest standard for textiles,” 

Via Innovation in Textile

Every year inventors, hopeful start-ups and established companies compete for the Swiss technology award for innovation. As you’ll see in this video, this year’s winners included the makers of Corkshell.

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