Special Series Valentine’s Day!

Geeks in love, find throughout this week our selection of wearable tech gifts perfect for Valentine’s Day!

A wired gift for music lovers

If your sweet love is persuaded to be a victim of the so-called tangled headphones curse, time has come for you to play the caring exorcist by offering this sweatshirt from the Rusty’s Wired collection. This comfortable, stylish and zipped hoodie is equipped with high-quality headphones, built-in right into the draw cords. To connect your mp3 player or phone, simply slip it into one of the side pockets featuring 3.5mm standard headphone jacks, compatible with most MP3 players iPod, iPhone, iPad, smartphones etc. ..

rusty hoodie 1

Digital Revolution with HB3 Technology Hoodie

The earphones are located at the end of the garment’s drawstrings, all designed with “HB3 Technology ™”. Thanks to this technology, the entire components are 100% machine washable. This means that it is not necessary to remove anything before throwing the hoodie in the washer, so you can skip the dreadful task of removing the earbuds or the wires and putting them back in and spend more time with your beloved one!

rusty hoodie2

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