What we call Fast Fashion is essentially a method to respond quickly to consumer trends and demands through enhanced production and design capabilities with the objective to produce what’s hot in the market at the right time.  But while short lead times in production and distribution are a pre-requisite of fast fashion, another key component to shortening the overall cycle is accelerating the consumer’s purchase decision.               

These past few years, technology has played an essential role in influencing consumer behavior. We see many fashion brands and retailers looking at innovative technology to offer their customers new ways of shopping and accelerating their buying decision. It’s not just about giving consumers the means to buy faster but also to buy better and smarter. 

 A recent example is New Look’s Stratford store trying out the world’s first 3D body scanner.  It uses a myriad of 3D sensors that map the body and take exact measurements to advise the shopper on the best fitting products –jeans, in this case.  The consumer then knows exactly which products in the store have the right fit for her.  Digitalization of the body is the next step in our already highly digitalized world and, combined with online shopping, retailers could be very close to providing the ultimate shopping experience. 

Think about EspaceMax, a leading French luxury goods and fashion e-shopping store.  They used a 3D interactive solution to enable customers to manipulate handbags, placing objects of daily life inside to simulate product behavior.   But that’s not all.  The shopper can “try it on” by using a virtual animated model that walks and handles the bag like anyone would.   Combine these two experiences together and replace the animated model with your own digitalized body and online shopping is going to get as real as it can get! 

Technology can change the game of shopping for everyone:  customers will have the ability and the satisfaction to get the right product right away and retailers could see a significant reduction in product returns which would have a direct positive impact on their operating costs.   

 So can fast fashion get any faster? Yes, it can!


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