The Internet’s all-in-one emporium, Amazon will start selling luxury fashion

The American multinational electronic commerce company Amazon , is partnering with high-end designers, including Michael Kors, Vivienne Westwood, Catherine Malandrino, and Tracy Reese, to sell fashion alongside their lower-priced wares. Amazon’s new luxury shopping site will let you turn the model 360 degrees to see how the clothes fall and allowes you to see specific fit quirks like how narrow or wide something is.

Dress: Vivian Westwood ‘Anglomania’ – Photography: Matthew Rolston

Amazon is likely the lead because it takes customer service to a different level 

As we all know, customer experience is a huge part of the luxury industry and many consumers find that perks such as free shipping, quick service, easy-to-manage sites and service numbers are an online retailer’s version of customer service. Amazon is likely the lead because it takes customer service to a different level. Consumers choose as their preferred online shopping destination because it is easy to navigate and does not use Flash, according to a luxury tracking study from Unity Marketing. Flash could interfere with site usability, but it also does not enable Apple consumers to view the site on their iPhones, iPod touches or iPads.

“As a category, shopping experiences in apparel are much more fragmented and diverse than many others that we are in,” said Russ Grandinetti, vice president of Amazon’s Apparel and Accessories store. He added: “It became clear to us that to build a broad experience, adding more than one brand and more than one format was the right strategy.”

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