Some apparel companies do not hesitate to use chocking communication campaigns.
Very often it is around sexy images, because we all know that a sexy image sells well!
See for example the campaign from the famous brand American Apparel launched not so long ago:
Personally when I look at such ads, I am not looking at the shoe itself but more the image it is revealing.
However sometimes it is not necessarily sexy, or reflecting any specific brand image, but it aimed to spread a message…
United Colors of Benetton get back to it’s roots in it’s new ad campaign. Called the “UNHATE” campaign, it is looking at fighting against the “culture of hatred”. And the example here is clearly explicit!
So, does it work?
Are you wearing a Benetton shirt because you are an angel willing to erase hatred?
Or are you just looking forward to the new collection because you like Benetton’s garments?

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