Rug 1: Changing from blue to mint at 15°C and from red to yellow at 28°C.

A temperature sensitive rug that changes colour with the weather and the season. 

Norwegian designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen prototyped a real “magic” carpet that changes color depending of the temperatures
 “Our natural environment is always changing” S.E Wilhelmsen says, “flowers are blooming at a certain temperature, leaves are falling off by another and the snow falls by temperatures below zero. In the same way the Season Carpet is sensible to temperature alteration and its colors and pattern is changing due to the surroundings; the weather and the season.” 

A soft thermometer made of wool 

“The carpet is braided in a three-color pattern, where the colors have different temperature sensibilities and will change color at different temperatures” the designer explained, “In this way, the carpet will change its look through the day and the year, depending on the environment.”
Rug 2: Changing from purple to pink at 15°C and from red/brown to yellow at 28°C
Pictures by Siren Elise Wilhelmsen


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