Biomimicry series : 3D printed shoes BioMetrically designed by Earl Stewart 

New-Zealander industrial designer Earl Stewart have done researches on utilization of rapid manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing. His ‘XYZ shoe project’ uses 3D scanning (Microsoft Kinect!) and 3D printing techniques to create personalized pair of shoes.


Shoes design process uses accurate 3D scans of the feet

The shoes are customized to fit the exact shape of the wearer’s foot on the base of the scans of their feet


The sole was BioMetrically designed with a podiatrist to ensure comfort, stability and alignment

In order to make a comfortable, stable and perfectly aligned sole, Stewart worked together with a podiatrist. Once 3D BioMetrically designed, the shoes are printed with a blend of different composites that offer flexibility, durability and strength.








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  1. That’s beautiful and fun.
    For once it seems those 3D printed shoes are actually wearable and comfortable.

  2. Fantastic!
    I would like to order a pair of (plastic, semi-rigid) shoes that would be used to attach fins’ blades to them. At an affordable price…
    Do you think that is possible? Are you interested?


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