Aude Massoni is an industrial designer and a CATIA user expert. She also has a passion for new technologies. Aude recently participated to the CATIA Design project: Jewelry and 3D Printing with CATIA Solutions for Creative Designers. Graceful, delicate original, her 3D printed jewelry project is totally inspired by Nature and worthy of Ecole de Nancy “Art Nouveau” great artists.

In this mini serie, she shares her inspirations, skills and techniques regarding her project. As a designer she also explain how her process to imagine and create objects.

Part oneMoodboard and Inspiration Research + first sketches

” Most part of the time you only see the final work of a designer, but in fact the final object is the fulfillment of a long mind process” Aude explains. “Of course here [the CATIA Design project: jewelry and 3d printing with CATIA solutions for creative designers] the main idea is to show and prove that every single kind of designer can express his creativity by using CATIA, and that now we have plenty of way to do that.

She adds “First of all, if you want to be striking and offer something new and creative, you have to think which path you want your project to follow. Jewelry is a really large range of products, so I’ve decided to define more my subject, by finding a theme Inspired by Nature and an industrial process, the 3D printer“.

Aude Massoni: “When I start a project, I always give myself some time to think. I try to be the more open-minded as I can. For this project, I was particularly attracted by some macro-photographers work, specialized in natural/animal photographs (You can see the work of Felix SALAZAR and Svjetlana TEPAVCEVIC). After picking a lot of inspiring pictures, I used to extract patterns, shapes, colors or everything that I find related to my work and interesting  : this is where all ideas are born… and it’s the most creative step of the process.”

Aude used to work by theme or concept, to organize her thoughts and ideas. “When I consider I have enough ideas, I choose 2 or 3 of them that I prefer and would be the more interesting to develop” she says.

Here is her sketchbook.














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  1. Hello!
    i would like to know if the jewels were printed and, if the answer is yes, if you have some pics of the final results.
    Thank you.


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