When new tech merge with a sensibility for beautiful, wearable design

Continuum recently created the buzz with the first 3D printed bikini. The company now combines tech merge with a sensibility for its beautiful, wearable exciting 3D-printed shoes collection,”strvct”.

Innovative materials are used to create incredibly strong, lightweight and arachnidan looking forms

The 3D printed shoe line, named “strvct” (as a reference to structure) is made with 3D printed nylon. Thanks to this material, the arachnidan looking forms are incredibly strong while also incredibly lightweight. The collection represents a range of styles, from a platform to a pump and since the designs are created digitally, it’s possible for the company to produce any variation in between.

The collection is wearable and available online

The shoes are lined with a patent leather inner sole, and coated with a synthetic rubber on the bottom to provide traction. Mary Huang, one of the Continuum founder confess, the 3D printed shoes are not the most comfortable ever. Still, it’s too bad because the cost is not insignificant as it will cost you $900 per pair (made to order).

Well, maybe this is the price to pay to jump in the fashion’s future… with style!

Prototype made with the N12 system (this model is not yet tested.)

A prototype exemple for the line. This model pushes the limits of what is recognizable as a shoe.

For more details: hello@continuumfashion.com

Video Via CBC: 3D Fashion Maven – CBC’s Lang & O’Leary exchange with Mary Huang of Continuum Fashion

“Mary Huang of Continuum Fashion has a unique process that uses 3D printing technology to customize jewelery, shoes and clothes to her customers’ exact demands.”

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