Chromatik Adds Color to Exalead’s Image Search

Many of you have already tested Chromatik, the color-based image search demo from our research laboratory, Exalabs. In line with our commitment to incorporate the best of Exalabs technology into our public search engine, we have now integrated Chromatik functionality into the Exalead Image Search. See the new color palette options on menu of the Image Search results page:

The tool features a palette of 8 colors. Simply click on a color to filter results according to your color of choice:

You can refine your selections even further by selecting additional colors from the palette, helping you locate images with specific combinations of colors:

There’s no limit to the colors you can mix and match!

The last option on the color palette menu lets you narrow your results to black and white images only, a feature available on the prior version of our Image Search:

This is only the beginning! We’ve already begun work on incorporating other Chromatik features into our Exalead Image Search. So be sure to check back soon, and in the meantime, we’d love to receive your feedback on

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  • SearchConsultant

    Good Job! How do you do? I think all photos are labeled by the colors that compose it and then oyur search engine make a parametric query with the colors selected by user. Am I worng?