Tayait.com, The New Arabic Language Search Engine Powered by Exalead

Officially launched earlier this month at GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) in Dubai, the TAYAIT.com engine aims to become the search engine of choice in the Arabic-speaking world.

To help TAYAIT achieve its goal, the Exalead-powered platform offers access to 50 million Arabic web pages (soon to be 100 million), and the site incorporates Exalead’s acclaimed Wikipedia and image search tools. In addition, TAYAIT takes advantage of Exalead’s flexible API infrastructure in integrating Encyclopedia Britannica’s® market leading plug-in for Arabic language text analysis.

A veritable tour de force realized in record time—less than three months…Together with the Dutch search engine www.ilse.nl, TAYAIT aptly demonstrates the capability of Exalead’s technology to respond to the most complex Internet search challenges, in any language.


  • Very impressive article. I would like to tell You that I was really amazed when I found it. Author how long are You in this industry ? I hope to see more good articles next week.

  • I learned something new 🙂

    Arabic to English Dictionary

  • Hi that is a genuinely interesting view, It does give one food for thought, I am very delighted I stumbled on your blog, i was using Stumbleupon at the time, in any case i don

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  • خالد خليل :)

    i dont find the point of an arabic front for exalead with another name!
    it offers access to 50M arabic page, is it much ? how can it be compaired with original Exalead ? or other engines like google or yahoo ?
    if it is Exalead’s effort i would appreciate more if exalead cared about arabic localization for its main site and engine
    fast comparison:
    searching for “عربي” in exalead returns 2,579,790 result
    searching for “عربي” in tayait (all pages) returns 33,322 result
    searching for “عربي lang=ar” in exalead returns 2,046 result !
    searching for “عربي” in tayait (arabic only pages) returns 19,367,254 result !!?!!
    searching for “عربي” in google returns 71,400,000 result (which is comparable to tayait in arabic only pages)
    how does tayait get that large number of results for arabic only pages, while exalead itself indexed only one over eight of them ?!!, and how arabic only exeeds all languages about 600 times ?!!?!!!
    p.s. عربي means arabic