GameSkoot, the video games search engine, has arrived…

Take note gamers: SplitGames and Exalead have teamed up to develop the first search engine devoted 100% to video games: GameSkoot. With SplitGames editorial know-how and Exalead’s powerhouse search technology, GameSkoot offers perfectly accurate search results for gamers.

GameSkoot lets you search sites, blogs and forums created by gamers for gamers. You can search all the web or just within special categories like News, Tests, Cheats and Forums. GameSkoot also offers a “Hot Stuff” section with the best customized gaming news thread to be found on the Internet.

In addition, GameSkoot uses “GamesRanktm” technology to filter out the fluff and let the most relevant gaming content rise to the top. GamesRank is SplitGames’ patent-pending content ranking technology based in equal parts on insider editorial expertise, advanced crawler technologies and user-based feedback.

We’ll leave you now with our latest GameSkoot discovery, one gamer’s original solution for boosting his scores while building his biceps…

The Marketing Team

  • You’ve got great insights about video game, keep up the good work!

  • die ich in meinem ganzen Leben gelesen habe! mach weiter so! mfg John

  • GameSkoot is cool, but it’s not the first video game search engine. I released Kosmix’s Video Game Search Engine over a year ago 😉