Beta Wikipedia Search Launched

The Wikipedia search option, our latest feature (with plenty more to come!), has been released in a beta version in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

With a new presentation of the search results and a completely new “Narrow your search” panel, this research module offers an intriguing new access to the famous online encyclopedia. Not only can you easily find the Wikipedia article you’re seeking, you
can also refine your search by tapping into the rich cascade of ‘tags’
in the “Narrow your search” panel, choosing among language, geography,
famous people, names of organizations, related keywords or Wikipedia
categories to refine your search.

In addition to the “Narrow your search” tags, each search result listing
offers instant access to:

  • The Wikipedia categories associated with the article,
  • Famous people mentioned in the article,
  • The organizations and geographical locations associated with the article (available by clicking on the “Show images, text and extra info” icon at the top right-hand side of the results).

Follow your curiosity from one click to another as you explore the riches of the Wikipedia encyclopedia with an ease, simplicity and efficiency never before possible.

We send out our special thanks to our feedbackers who helped make this new feature a reality, and who keep us working night and day 😉 . Don’t hesitate to join us at

Happy Searching!

The Web Team

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  • Exalead

    The extraction of people and organization was made by our enterprise solution which has features to recognize entities.

  • Ramiel

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  • My complements for the new vertical! Looks good. I especially like the related terms.

    What did you use to extract people and organizations out of the wiki-pages? Is it ontology-based?